July 8, 2020

Why do people do things that are not in their best self-interest?

Actions & Interests

Why do people do really dumb things. You see it daily in the newspaper, on the news, and we know people who take actions that befuddle us completely. We even watch ourselves take actions that in hindsight, made no sense…but we did it anyway.

And many of us point to causes for such behavior such as moods, emotions, having a personality disorder, or being bi-polar. In business situations, you see managers not doing their jobs, not doing them correctly, or with any purpose or intention, you see people operating with complacency, you see a lot of people not caring how things turn out, not doing work with any rigor or impeccability.

I’d like to hear from some of you as to what you think is missing. Any ideas to why we do the things we do?

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