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We do not study leaders, their characteristics, traits, or styles. That is what the customary schools and the bulk of educational programs are about. That approach does not give you access to the "Being" of a powerful leader. Our programs create leaders as their natural self-expression.

Are you ready for reinventing yourself, your leadership, and your organization?

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The Architecture of Achieving Desired Outcomes

Our architectural design produces a freedom for people to be and act. A freedom beyond what was seen possible at the onset.

Working with existing circumstances, internal and external views that give rise to the realities people face, we establish a stake in the ground that allows for new ways of seeing currently unmovable situations to new ways of approaching those challenges.

The traditional organizational disciplines of position and authority, “I have control”, are replaced with personal power, freedom and self-expression. The new organizational practices reduce the grip of either/or, I am right and you are wrong, domination and avoidance behavior to creativity, exploration and effective action. To be free to be effective.

New practices and new thinking are based in workability, accountability, responsibility, collaboration and trust.

What results are actions that produce outcomes beyond what was thinkable at the time it was created.

Our model provides a clear roadmap for navigating organizational complexities and streamlines the planning process and brings certainty to the organization. This enables employees to operate as an unit rather than silos, or disparate and often warring factions.

The Approach:
What Organizational Transformation is

Organizational Transformation includes but is not independent of the current default design of organization. Traditional hierarchal models of change focus on fixing problems, reorganizing current situations, and improving what has gone before.  Nothing wrong with that approach.  But, if you are after a leap in productivity and performance, you cannot get there from here.

We have seen that the default model of organization argues for its persistence.   So, our approach appreciates the current reality, current worldview and frames of reference that has given the organization its footprint. Inside that appreciation, one establishes a profound relationship with the current design, establishes new models that interrupt the old. New aspects of organization is revealed that makes a difference.

Our approach acknowledges people’s commitment to contribute. People experience a new freedom to think beyond the restrictions and constraints of  the past without invalidating that past.

As new ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating are put into practice a new culture emerges. What you start to see is a fluid, workable, communicative teams of people, working with ease, synergy, freedom, trust and self-expression.

By creating a co-generated vision and a desired future, a new roadmap presents itself and people see the pathways to reaching the outcomes they want, even beyond what the past allowed for.

The focus is on results that are sustainable and lasting, rather than outcomes at any cost or short term results at the cost of a long term future.

Execution: Pathway to Culture Creation

The pathway for success consists of the following general design. One note is that this is not a short term commitment. It takes time, persistence and follow through to generate the kind of environment you want. It takes senior management to be the kind of stand and commitment that this shall be...It shall be because you say so!

We have seen that implementing a traditional, continuous improvement approach to project goals and objectives, altering the culture, or any important result,is sometimes insufficient  to producing what is wanted and needed or must happen.  However, one can also add a transformational approach that focuses on revealing the automatic, past based beliefs, taken for granted obviousnesses, and what you are sure is true and build a new unique and responsive environment. This approach produces beyond the ordinary outcomes.

We are very clear that the access to transformation that most training and leadership development companies profess to offer do not occur. Hence it is why at least 70% of change efforts fail in their first year. (Kotter)

How do you do it?  We have cracked the code on causing real change. By shifting your view to work as conversations (all are based in language) people naturally change. When you change the way people speak and listen, they think differently and act differently.

This approach is powerfully expressed by a well-known cognitive scientist… - Lera Boroditsky, Stanford University,  Cognitive Scientist

“Do the languages we speak shape the way we see the world, the way we think, and the way we live our lives?… For a long time, the idea that language might shape thought was considered at best untestable and more often simply wrong… What we have learned is that people who speak different languages do indeed think differently and that even flukes of grammar can profoundly affect how we see the world. Language is a uniquely human gift, central to our experience of being human. Appreciating its role in constructing our mental lives brings us one step closer to understanding the very nature of humanity.“


Execution: The Pathway to Success – The Design:

Part One: Framework for Success – Prior to any workshop sessions, we conduct a thoughtful and thorough analysis through personal interviews, questionnaires or series of conversations with senior and front-line management to discover the current culture. Our proprietary methods give us insight into the very nature of the organization and what the limiting mindsets that are impacting performance. We can see into organizational life in ways even the most trained CEO / or Senior VP cannot see.

Part Two: Once we have identified the current reality, in partnership with the stakeholders, we identify the predictable future if the company continues in its current trajectory. We then align on the future state of the organization they desire (generating the commitment and will to stay with it until completed).

Part Three: Strategic execution is engaged through a series of transformational approaches that take the organization past the traditional approaches of problem solving and focus on process and structures to breakthrough outcomes. This includes works sessions, one-on-one and group coaching, webinars, and leadership development and other programs designed to reach all levels of the company and sustain the desired outcomes. Sustainment is key, and looking with management at creative and innovative ways to keep the new conversations alive and engaging over time.

Part Four: Completion, celebration, acknowledgement, appreciation and asking what was accomplished and what that allows for becomes the platform for what is next.


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