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Enabling our clients, to see with new eyes, think in new ways, and execute their vision of the future effectively, that in the normal course of events, was not going to happen. We are in the business of partnering with you to produce desirable business outcomes.

We employ a unique, different, and proprietary technology for transforming organizations so that your people experience a new freedom to be and a new freedom to act as their natural self-expression.

Our Bold Stand

Our methodology of Organizational Transformation is awesomely effective.

We partner with you in successfully delivering individual, group, team and company goals and objectives.

We are experts in what it takes to create leaders and produce breakthroughs.

We offer companies methods and practices to transform their enterprises. We provide the thinking and tools to produce outcomes and results they want and wish to sustain over time. Not only do we deliver great, valuable tips and techniques, we create the environment for each person to discover for themselves, what it will take to transform their relationships and see work challenges with new eyes.

People find themselves happier and less overwhelmed at work. They experience being more productive and efficient. They are self-generating, trusting and collaborative. They work to produce results beyond what was expected. Our design sessions establish collaboration and teamwork with clarity of vision and purpose. Effective and efficient project design and plans are effectively implemented. All this results in bottom-line profit to the company.

We train you in accessing the source of authentic leadership, effective action and offer templates for mastering organizational design. We provide the keys to empowering teamwork and leveraging diversity while providing communication tools to be able to transfer what is seen as possible into inspiring action.

Transcendent engagements allows us to distinguish ourselves in the consulting market as we look at our clients problems as symptoms of the fundamental cause and go to work on resolving the systemic issues rather than merely putting band-aids on their existing problems. Systemic failures and lack of authentic leadership are at the core of on-going and repeating business problems.

Dealing with merely solving the current problems often creates the next set of problems to be dealt with. This keeps our competitors busy making money from clients by perpetuating their problems. We feel this approach lacks integrity, which we hold as a high value. We are committed to not only resolving the systemic issues but leaving our clients empowered to self-generate on-going sustainable solutions to their business challenges.

We analyze and diagnose the problems in the context of systemic cause and provide our services in customized engagements which not only solve the immediate problems but bring health to the system, thus eliminating repeating problems.

We agree with John Foster Dulles, when he said: “The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it’s the same problem you had last year.”

We equip our clients with the tools to become aware of the mindsets and thinking that limit creativity, innovation, and effective action. They then begin to invent new thinking and new approaches to their work that are appropriate to their commitments, goals and objectives. Returning to the workplace, these new practices consist of altered frameworks for communication, and a new view of what is possible in terms of work relationships and producing the actions necessary for new results.

Our work comes from the understanding that people at work are whole and complete yet have barriers to experiencing it. Once they uncover those barriers there is a natural tendency to improve, grow and develop.

Our business competencies include over 40 years of experience working with businesses from strategic design, sales, and management skills for small and mid-size companies to large change efforts. Our transformational powerhouse of intellectual property and methodologies allows companies to develop a strategic edge against the competition. We are after results not just good environments!

Our methodology scares the heck out of disagreement, resignation, and dysfunctional/ adversarial relationships….what shows up is power, workability, efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

What We Do

Ontos Edge Consulting works with small businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and medium and large organizations.  Our work is unique and different from almost all consulting/training programs in the marketplace.

Our unique methodologies and approaches to organizational development, in partnership with clients, transform organizations into environments that produce extraordinary results independent of the current economic environment.  We created leaders, not just describe traits or characteristics.  Leaders that perform at high levels of effectiveness as a natural self-expression.

When clients learn and practice our methodologies, they see with new eyes…they produce business outcomes beyond the norm. They show up accountable, reliable, happier, more related to each other, able to see into challenging situations with imagination, creativity and with focus and energy. They are more productive, efficient, trusting, and self-generating.

The barriers they once had to being effective leaders melt away.  They act with intention and focus…out to fulfill the company’s future.

Our customized engagements are designed to not only solve the immediate problems but to bring health and balance to the system where clients are empowered and able to translate what they learn into ongoing contribution and competitive advantage.

What Makes Us Unique and Different

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”   ― Marcel Proust

There are many things you know to do to have the results you want. However, even knowing what to do, does not guarantee you or others will do it.

Understanding information as information does not guarantee effective action. Most “how to” books leave you with little, if any, access to extraordinary action. For example, there are many, many books on what makes a great leader or how to be a great leader. This tells me that no one knows anything about Leadership.  There ought to be a couple of books that define what is missing, what needs to be provided or changed and then the execution.  Not the case…  There are great and colorful descriptions of what is being addressed, but that does not give you access to acting as an effective leader.

What will make the difference to giving you access?

Finding out for yourself. That is to discover, discovering.  We are experts in our ability to communicate our work in a way that you can discover it for yourself.

Applying this to organizational concerns you see a similar parallel. Over 0% of corporate change efforts fail or never get off the ground.** Why?

We have developed methods of working and partnering with clients that focus on their discovering for themselves, what they need to know and how they need to know, that matters. This results in new thinking, new acting, and new outcomes.

Come discover our work for yourself. Even as a successful company, bring us a concern, commitment or objective that is not working for you, or has never been resolved. We will discuss how our methods produce immediate results now.

We deliver transformative learning programs:

Drawing on the ideas in, and using certain words and phrases from, “Learning As Transformation” by Jack Mezirow and Associates (2000, chs. 1-3):

Informative learning and transformative learning are both valuable and appropriate. However, transformative learning occurs in a different dimension than informative learning.

  • Informative learning endeavors to increase the sum of what we know, to add to our available skills, to extend our already established cognitive capacities. Informative learning seeks to bring valuable new content to add to or fill in what our prevailing worldview and our pre-existing frames of reference already allow. In summary, informative learning adds ideas and capacities that are compatible with our prevailing worldview and our pre-existing frames of reference.

  • Transformative learning on the other hand provides us with the opportunity to become aware of the interpretations and beliefs we hold as “the way it is”. That is, to critically reflect on the underlying network of ideas, beliefs, biases, social and cultural embedded-ness, and taken-for-granted assumptions that constitute our worldview (model of reality) about the world, others, and ourselves, and our frame of reference (mindset) relative to this subject or that subject.

We rarely ever even consider the fact that we have a worldview and frames of reference. This leaves us ignorant of the impact of the constraining and shaping imposed by our worldview and frames of reference on our perceptions and consequently on our actions. We never know what we don’t see at all, and with what we do see, what of it is actually distorted.Rather than simply adding to what is currently allowed (compatible with) our prevailing worldview and pre-existing frames of reference, we explore our worldview and frames of reference themselves – their genealogy, internal logic, and uses – as well as assess the costs and benefits, and advantages and disadvantages, associated with our particular worldview and frames of reference.Transformative learning does not merely add to or correct your store of information. Using transformative learning offers the opportunity to discover and eliminate the constraints and shaping imposed by your worldview and your frames of reference relative to who you are for yourself, and relative to your effectiveness in groups, teams or organizational concerns.*

The flame of conception seems to flare and go out, leaving a man shaken, and at once happy and afraid. Charles Darwin said his Origin Of the Species flashed complete in one second, and he spent the rest of his life backing it up: and the theory of relativity occurred to Einstein in the time it takes to clap your hands.  This is the greatest mystery of the human mind – the inductive leap. Everything falls into place, irrelevancies relate, dissonances become harmony and nonsense wears a crown of meaning. But the clarifying leaps springs from the rich soil of the confusion and the leaper is not unfamiliar with pain.— John Steinbeck, Sweet Thursday

* Taken from a program description of the “Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Program” offered by the Erhard-Jensen Initiative

Working with Government Agencies

Ontos Edge Consulting Inc. has extensive experience working with different government agencies.   We have offered Alignment by Design, Mission Control Productivity Workshop, Executive Coaching, and Integrity Matters! : The Ground on Which Workability Stands and our Being a Leader program, plus other customized designed programs for various government agencies.  Our work is unique:  Why?

We offer transformative learning programs and consulting as distinct from Informative learning that almost all training and consulting companies focus on.  Informative learning and transformative learning are both valuable and appropriate. However, transformative learning occurs in a different dimension than informative learning. Informative learning endeavors to increase the sum of what we know, to add to our available skills, to extend our already established cognitive capacities  Transformative learning on the other hand provides us with the opportunity to become aware of the interpretations and beliefs we hold as “the way it is”. That is, to critically reflect on the underlying network of ideas, beliefs, biases, social and cultural embedded-ness, and taken-for-granted assumptions that constitute our worldview (model of reality) about the world, others, and ourselves, and our frame of reference (mindset) relative to this subject or that subject. Transformative learning does not merely add to or correct your store of information. Using transformative learning offers the opportunity to discover and eliminate the constraints and shaping imposed by your worldview and your frames of reference relative to who you are for yourself, and relative to your effectiveness in groups, teams or organizational concerns.

Breakthroughs are possible using this approach. It is unique and difference-making. Such agencies as the FAA, Department of Education, HHS, USDA – Forest Service, NASA , Washington State School Administrators, and New Mexico District Attorneys have experienced the difference this approach offers. We welcome an opportunity to discuss this with your agency.

Keynote Speaking

He has delivered keynote presentations to various organizations.  He is inspired by the work on integrity and leadership by Michael C. Jensen, Jessie Isidor Straus Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School Chairman, Managing Director and Integrity Czar, Social Science Research Network.   A colleague who is currently co-writing a book on  A New Model of Integrity.

He has delivered Integrity Matters! : The Ground on Which Workability Stands at conferences offered throughout the United States.

A partial list:

North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders

New Mexico District Attorneys

United States Forest Service and the United States Department of Agriculture

Arizona State Superintendent of Schools

Washington Association of School Administrators

University of Denver, RHIL, Environmental Health Professionals conference in Aspen, Colorado 2007

San Joaquin Human Resources Assoc, Labor Law Conference, Stockton, California

San Antonio Human Resources Association (SAHRA) (SRHM)

Space Coast HRM

Robert G. Hemingway Foundation

Truman University, Missouri

Federal Aviation Administration  

IHS, Denver, Colorado

Portland, ME’s Rotary,  and Denver Rotary

E &J Gallo Winery

Rocky Mountain Recycling

Metro Group, Inc.

National Renewable Energy Labs

And in other client engagements, non-profits, and entrepreneurial organizations.

Benefits of Working with a Performance Coach

Below are the benefits that clients have reported they have received working with an an Ontos Edge coach:


  • are not weak if you use a coach, it really demonstrates a commitment to learn, grow and exceed your current strengths

  • see your blind spots

  • deal with issues that have been a concern for you for sometime such that they get resolved or no longer need the attention they once did.

  • have someone be a committed listener to your goals, projects and objectives. And, interact with you straight, with ruthless compassion.

  • someone that holds you to account for your promises.

  • are able to discuss issues, goals, and projects in total confidence and trust with another who is outside the system you presently operate in.

  • have someone who can see into the situation with a fresh, objective view.

  • have conversations with your coach that leaves you freed up, open, refreshed, validated and challenged with a renewed sense of possibility and new opportunities to explore.

  • learn how you are viewed by others in your organization such that you develop a training and development plan to give you a new place to stand with credibility in the organization.

  • experience being listened too.

  • design a plan and be in action with your coach to accomplish your goals and objectives powerfully and with velocity.

  • discover ways of effectively communicating that leave you and others able to see and act on new possibilities.

  • learn new techniques and ways of dealing with difficult colleagues, partners, employees so all win in the situation.

  • learn new principles for coaching others to design and produce results that go beyond expectation.

  • learn distinct modes of coaching and the appropriate application of each mode.

  • improve relationships and communication with those you manage.

  • are able to see into the culture of your team or department and organization and identify high leverage opportunities for effective change

  • expand creativity and participation from project players

  • learn through Executive Impact Interviews how you are seen and listened to by your management, peers and reports. (*Much more personal than 360 degree feedback)

  • design the practices to influence a change based on the results of these interviews.

  • learn to create a balanced lifestyle and still get the job done.

  • you may have fun and enjoy what you see

Recommended forms for coaching relationship:

  • Face to face meetings

  • Telephone coaching sessions

  • Observing your running meetings /teleconferences and coach you in being impactful and effective

  • Participate in workshop settings to transfer these benefits to others.

  • Webinars

Meet Our Team

Our consultants and staff have over 62 years of combined education,
coaching experience, and practice to empower clients' success.
The proprietary methodologies and business experience
we employ leave people thinking, seeing, and acting in new and unique ways
that allow for results
not seen as possible at the onset.

Barry Berman
Senior Consultant, Founding Partner

Senior Consultant, Executive Coach, Program Course Leader
Barry leads many of our programs from Integrity Matters to Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership, to Mission Control Productivity Workshop and others. He is the founder of Ontos Edge Consulting with over 36 years of training, coaching, and leading high-level executives throughout the world.

Sharon Sinclair
Senior Consultant, Program Design and Delivery

Sharon develops and designs unique organizational programs for individuals and thriving organizations. She has over 40 years of experience working, coaching, and transforming clients all over the USA, Europe, and South America.

Penny Jo Berman
Admin, Writer,
Project Support

Penny brings a rigor and intention to the writing of our programs, manuals and content.
She has years of writing experience and has been immensely valuable to our clients support.

Meredith Boyles Project Manager

Meredith brings extraordinary wisdom, expertise, and knowledge to the team. She has a talent for the rigor of language that enables her high levels of workability to get things done. She creates impeccable products, manuals, and Slide Show presentations with heart and soul that leave people in awe of themselves.

Jerry Baden
Senior Consultant, Master Executive Coach and Program Designer

Jerry is an esteemed international consultant in individual and corporate affairs. He has a remarkable track record of bringing forth new possibilities in training and coaching 250,000 individuals globally over the last 42 years.  His coaching strengths have transformed many C-suite executives both professional and personal. He has worked in the field of ontological breakthroughs for both individuals and organizations.

Doug Plette
Senior Consultant, Master Executive Coach

With nearly five decades in transformational education and consulting, Doug has traveled the world supporting a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and executives; from multi-national corporations in large-scale initiatives and projects, to community-based religious leaders in conflict-torn areas of the world, to leading personal transformational programs to more than 75,000  individuals. He is a master coach in having you and your organization produce truly extraordinary results. In recent years he has led the cutting-edge Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership program to mid-cap companies and entrepreneurs. Doug holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of  Engineering from Penn State, graduating both with the highest honors.

Donna Riccardo
Executive Performance Coach

Donna Riccardo is an established speaker, author, trainer, coach,
and consultant, with an esteemed 30-year record of accomplishment and achievement in communication, public speaking, and leadership coaching practice.  
She has coached and consulted in such organizations as Anschutz Medical Center, Pax8, Metro State University eWomen Network, Polka Dot Powerhouse, WESOS, 4BR (networking group), BNI (Business Network International), Syzygy Teams, NSA Colorado and CHFA (Colorado Housing & Finance Authority.

Douglas Friedman

Douglas Friedman as a Senior Consultant has an incomparable background in Executive Coaching.  He has delivered transformational executive coaching and training programs for clients designed to improve personal, organizational, communication, and leadership skills. Clients included Hughes Aircraft, Exxon, Apple One Employment, and Northrop Corporation.Doug has delivered coaching and training to empower CEOs, Executive,s and emerging managers to various Fortune 500 organizations. His clients included: regional and national healthcare systems, international pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and domestic airlines. He has been certified as a Lumia practitioner and a Master Executive Coach from the Masterful Coaching Program.

Latest News

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I have been working with Ontos Edge Consulting for a few months now.  The hands-on approach, exceedingly honest feedback and real time agendas have allowed me to work through issues in my business and personal life while learning what true honesty and integrity really looks like.  I'd highly recommend this company for any professional looking to sharpen their skills and make yourself a more honest, true, in the moment person.”

Mike Hills – Atlas Real Estate - Vice President, Brokerage

Mark Bond/CEO of Metro Group, Inc. has to say about using Integritas Consulting Group, Inc. as their partner in empowering a new future for Metro Group, Inc.

We have engaged Barry Berman and Integritas Consulting Group, Inc. on several projects over the past year. These projects involved strategic planning, development of corporate culture, and leadership training.

I found Barry to have a unique and fresh perspective to these areas and his work proved beneficial to our company in helping us progress to the next level. Barry’s vast experience provides him a broad perspective to help identify issues that aren’t working and help to correct those areas.

I believe Barry’s expertise can be helpful in improving any organization. I give him and his company a strong recommendation.

Mark Bond - CEO/President - Metro Group, Inc.

The exploration group of a large international mining company had a total of 60 employees. Each group was subdivided into smaller groups located all over the world. Their job was to explore and locate potential rich ore bodies to drill, develop and turn into profit making ventures. Their budget was around $60 Million for exploration, drilling and development.

Every year the group would meet and try to distribute resources to locate world-class ore bodies. Each region would fight to fund their projects for drilling. It was stressful, painful and hard but eventually some would win out and others would lose. The Vice President of Exploration realized that he needed to do something out of the ordinary. We were asked to bring the management team and other key people together to cause a breakthrough in how they function as a team rather than siloes and individual regions. Over five days of appreciating the past, and what got them to where they were, they aligned themselves on a new future and unique ways to approach the challenge of discovery.

They created a vision called ”10 in 10″. That is, they committed to locating, drilling, evaluating and approving 10 new world-class ore bodies in 10 years. A guiding strategy to operate inside of and guide them. At the time, the best result you could hope for was 1 discovery in 7 years.

No longer operating as individuals with their own personal agendas, they constituted themselves to be one group. Looking from that view (or stand) they invented new possibilities for action. They reorganized their regions into one solid team that allotted all of their resources to the best projects, rather than by region.

They sent those resources, including human capital, to those regions. Regional managers let go of their personal agendas for the team goals and united behind one vision.

They also requested lowering their budget, as they wanted to show the company they could produce the same result with fewer resources. Within a short period of time, they produced 3 of those 10 world class ore deposits and were on target for their 10 in 10.

Outstanding Company Breakthrough from Alignment By Design, Western Mining Corporation

“As both a participant and a company internal sponsor of Integritas’s consulting services, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on the tremendous success realized out of the programs for both the company I served and myself as a participant. There have been many times in the past few years were I was able to draw on the generative lessons and tools that were shared in their programs. The return you can expect from an investment in their programs will far exceed your expectations.”


“This past year, I had the pleasure and good fortune to attend the Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment workshop presented by Barry Berman, President, Integritas Consulting Group, Inc. The workshop provided my Management Team and me with valuable insights into how we could plan and organize our hectic schedules and challenging workloads more efficiently and effectively. As a result, I believe my team and I are feeling that we are more productive, on top of things, and less stressed. Subsequent to the workshop, I also have benefitted greatly from several follow-up executive coaching sessions with Barry. He has helped me to understand that by taking a stand, my team and I can create the future we want to live in to, rather than just defaulting to a repetition of the past.”


“Barry, I am at a loss for words to describe the experience over the last two days… You have exceeded my expectations and surpassed what I thought could be covered/done with the Phoenix office… You were able to drill down and to find the root cause of our issues and provide a mechanism(s) to deal with them… At times the experience was uncomfortable, but from it I see understanding and growth….”


“I have been using Mission Control for years now. I re-took the course with Barry recently, and I have to say, I got more improvements in productivity and sanity than ever before. Day to day I still have a very full plate. But when I reflect, I am doing the most important things, I am doing them with less struggle, and with my full attention. I have minimized those things that eat up time and energy, and no one is complaining – my boss, my family, my friends and my health all seem to be balanced.”


“I have attended many workshops, seminars, retreats designed to initiate a shift in the way I relate to the world that provided inspiration and short-lived bursts of motivation. Mission Control leaves lasting impressions emboldened by practical tools that have revolutionized the way I work and relate to my career. I was beginning to think I had ADHD and was contemplating professional help for this “condition”. Turns out I was simply suffering from an overload of tasks without sufficient structures in place to filter the information. Mission Control — coupled with Barry’s compassionate style — provides the structures AND the necessary dialogue to address the truth of my ineffective work habits. THANK YOU!”


“I spent last Friday taking care of over 1500 emails in my Inbox and Sent To Folders. It wasn’t until late Friday that I had my “Oh My Moment”. I have not been able to get my email cleaned up for years. I now know I was using my Inbox as a capture/organizer tool that was driving a lot of stress in my daily routine simply because of the overpowering number of emails I was trying to prioritize and move forward. Mission Control has provided that tool for helping me to get it done. The stress is gone and now I really feel in control for the first time.”


“You class was wonderful! I’m much more focused. Regarding the organization, I see how this will impact our effectiveness. The practices and new work habits will well be worth the effort.”


“I LOVE the Mission Control Productivity Workshop offered through Integritas Consulting. In my professional opinion, this course is a MUST for anyone that is looking to get a handle on the volume of things there are to manage, handle, and otherwise balance in this day and age. Do yourself a favor and put this scheduling and training at the top of your priority list.”


“The exercises during the course are tremendous in creating space in life — and remarkable for how quickly that occurred. The tools I got out of the course are giving me ongoing access to produce expanded results in my business and my development of my capacities to deliver a 3 1/2 month educational course. Thank your for making the course available – it has proven to be 2 of the best days I’ve invested in my business (and life) this year.”


“You class was wonderful! I’m much more focused. Regarding the organization, I see that I will take some time, but I know I will be worth the effort.”


“The freedom to say no, and the peace of mind of knowing that I don’t have to keep track of everything that comes my way. If I capture it, then I keep track of it. Otherwise, I release it from my brain and never worry about it again. EXTREMELY freeing! Plus, I can see more clearly the habits that I have and can correct myself faster. That’s been very powerful too!”


“I did want to mention the training we received was and is valuable. We still leverage the best practices.”


Before Mission Control I scheduled my appointments and the rest of the time was left for “work” (in theory). Now I create occasions with activities and outcomes. The difference in my productivity is incredible. If I need to move an occasion, I do- I say how it goes, but it gets moved- it doesn’t disappear. The income generating activities actually occur (I do them!).

I was sharing with Joe how much more free time I have, and how much more is getting accomplished all at the same time, and he asked me to send an email. It’s crazy how much better life is! I have time to spend with my dad and babysit my niece and go to yoga and I am getting more sleep AND more work is getting done!!! This system works.

My sister told me my dad commented to her how great it is to be around me now. (I am present and able to be with them and don’t have a million things on my mind all the time. I didn’t tell them that’s the difference).

I don’t have lists all over the place and notes and piles and all the things Realtors have that has us scattered. There is peace in having the entire day scheduled every day- it seemed the opposite before Mission Control. I wanted to have more time. I actually have found a ton more time this way. A TON!

Tracie Milton, The Group Real Estate

“It was an awesome experience working with you. I have gained so much insight about myself over the past 2 days and have come to the realization that I am responsible for myself, my happiness, my accomplishments, etc.……and that I am not responsible for anyone else. I have realized that just because there are so many disgruntled people here, doesn’t mean I have to join in as well. Misery does love company ya know. It is difficult some days coming to work, just to see everyone else with their frowns and sour attitudes, but as of today that didn’t bother me, because I know I have control over that. I can’t thank you enough for this eye opening opportunity I was blessed to be able to participate in. Keep on doing what you do!!!”

Heather Stephens, USFS - Job Corps CCC

I have worked with Barry for many years. He continues to challenge my thinking when I have problems that I need advice and support on. He will make sure that I don’t avoid dealing with the issues and making the hard decisions.  He brings an outside perspective to the challenges I face and will question the approaches I am using. He reminds me of the importance of communicating effectively with the people in my organization. He also does not allow me to get bogged down in the “here and now”, but asks what the vision and direction is. He makes me explain this to him so I can then explain it to my team. He has always been very supportive and a great friend.

Barry Gleichenhaus – Former Accenture Partner (BPM) now CEO of Cedur Inc.

Partial List of Global Clients

Meet a partial list of global clients who have been served by our consultants and coaching staff

Rocky Mountain Recycling
Metro Group, Inc.

Expanding Workability in Life and at Work

We establish new ideas and new practices that disrupt old models until those old models become obsolete.
All it takes is to learn what you offer and practice daily.