June 30, 2020

What makes the difference to learning is… discovering for yourself!

Discovering For Yourself

There are many things you know to do to have results you want. However, having knowledge of those things and what to do, does not guarantee you or others will do them. Understanding Information as information does not guarantee action. Most “how to” books leave you with little, if any, effective action. For example, there are many, many books on what makes a great leader or how to be a great leader and the effective exercise of Leadership. This tells me that no one knows anything about Leadership. There ought to be one book on Leadership that defines what’s missing, what needs to be provided and then the execution of effective leading. Not the case… There are great and colorful descriptions of what is being addressed, but that does not give you access to acting as an effective leader or effective leadership.

Discovering Discovery

Here is an article posted by Nicholas Bry of Innovation Excellence.  Great description of Discovering discovery.

Innovation Excellence

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