July 8, 2020

The Power of Context

The Power of Reframing

What is this?


OK, you might say a vertical line… but when I say number, now what do you see?

|                                 a number one

When I say letter… now what do you see?

|                                 a letter L

The same looking line in different contexts means something totally different.

Creating contexts (using language in certain ways) allows you to see things you could not see before. This may look like a trivial example, but when dealing with certain challenges, issues and situations and then re-contextualizing them, your view changes and so does behavior, actions and the production of different results show up.

Our consulting and training programs empowers leaders and management to master being “context creators”. We set the stage for participants to gain mastery in using language to create “contexts” so they can see  into situations and discover new pathways to solve challenging problems unseen before. Thus it allows movement, effectiveness and breakthroughs for your organizational commitments and concerns.

For example, when John Kennedy declared that our country should commit itself to going to the moon and returning safely before the decade was out, he created a mood, environment or atmosphere (context) to see what could be done that was not seen as possible at the onset. By making that declaration, he set into motion the political will, the intentions of all involved to see it as completed and the actions it brought forth were amazing and profound. As you and I know, the result was produced.

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