July 8, 2020

Mission Control Impacts

What participants have said the Impact Mission Control has had on them

The impact Mission Control has on participants:

Surveys have been done before a program and 6 to 8 weeks after a program. This has shown impact across various types of businesses. The impact has included:

* Participants report, on average, saving or “recovering” between 2.5 and 6 hours per week of work or sales time.

* Reduced time spent on email and in meetings.

* The number of participants who spend 3 hours or more on email each day dropped over 70%.

* Participants report a 30% reduction in email traffic and that the remaining email is easier to deal with.

* Participants report reducing number of meetings by 50% at the same time as reducing average meeting time by 40%.

* The number of participants reporting that most of the meetings they attend are “necessary and very productive” increased 50%

* The number of participants saying, “I know that what I am working on fits into the scheme of priorities and importance for my boss and the organization,” increases from 55% to 90%

Impacts reported by a significant majority of participants include:

* Accomplishing what I set out to accomplish

* Being more purposeful

* Reduction of stress and overwhelm

* Being less distracted and more focused on the tasks at hand

* Greater clarity on what is important to accomplish

* Increased sales performance

* Sales conversion rate increased by 70%, average amount of sale increased 40%

* Elevated customer satisfaction scores by 40%

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