July 8, 2020

Mission Control

New… Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop scheduled in the Denver area – September 23, 24

The Mission Control® Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop is the breakthrough you have been looking for. The Workshop is a two-day course that revolutionizes personal productivity and getting things done. Instead of improved time management techniques, Mission Control® teaches you an entirely new way of thinking about, organizing, and doing your work.

The Mission Control® Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop is a two-day course that serves as the base for all other programs. In just two days, obsolete, non-productive work habits and old ineffective approaches to doing things will be replaced by new work habits that empower you. The result? An approach that reduces your worries, restores balance to your life and leaves you working on producing the results that are most important to you. You will have the power to focus completely on what is in front of you. You will have peace of mind that comes from knowing you are handling everything there is to do and handle without dropping anything out.

This program delivers on equipping you with a renewed sense of Focus and Energy in our overwhelming, stressful world of information.

A critical distinction is that Mission Control focuses on producing results, not just managing activities. The program is like a tripod: the preparation and pre-calls, the workshop, and the follow-up and performance support.

The workshop itself is a two-day event that is designed to provide you with the tools, work practices, and work habits that result in your experiencing a new level of focus and workability regarding everything the challenges that come your way.

You become aware of the unseen, unexamined, self-imposed limitations to your own productivity and performance. You are equipped with new perspectives, and—this is critical—you learn how to build new work habits for dealing powerfully with the flood of tasks, activities, challenges, and opportunities that come at you daily. These new perspectives and work habits will leave you more focused, confident, efficient, and productive.

Most productivity courses are designed inside the reality that the volume of information coming at you has exploded and is overwhelming . . . AND you are expected to manage all of this information. At the same time, you yearn to have a balanced work life and personal life. You just can’t figure out how to do it all.

Once you establish in the workshop your new fundamental relationship with your workload, you have new eyes. You now see your mountain of work, your work habits, your to-dos . . . and your relationship with time . . . all differently.

What are the Outcomes of the Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop?

Once you learn the fundamental principles and the detailed work practices, you will increasingly observe that you are building new work habits that leave you more powerful, focused, and productive, as follows:

o How to schedule yourself and your commitments so that you are consistently and powerfully focused on what is most important.

o How to have powerful conversations that produce coordinated and effective action amongst individuals and team members

o How to powerfully manage your workload, and how to have what you are not doing not nag at you or impede your productivity.

o How to manage emergencies and interruptions so that you are empowered and not upset or overwhelmed.

o How to convert to-dos into achievements that draw you into action.

o How to use your own organizer tools to catch thoughts, ideas, and information before you forget them—which will help you do your best thinking and accomplish your goals and objectives.

o How to manage key projects to keep them moving forward, even in the presence of interruptions and emergencies.

o How to create each week as an ongoing series of achievements, rather than being overwhelmed by the demands on your time and resources.

o How to assess your own productivity and how to keep increasing your level of productivity over time.

o How to have an honest and authentic relationship with time so that you are not operating from a fantasy but dealing with your tasks and commitments from reality.

o How to administer and deal effectively with email and experience a virtual elimination of email stress, ongoingly.

o How to have more meaningful and productive meetings.

o Learn the impact that A New Model of Integrity has on your performance and how to use integrity to increase performance

Participants who consistently apply the tools of the Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop have reported unusually high results in the areas that are noted below, the result of which is an unexpectedly high return on this investment, and in a short period of time.

Participants have reported:
o Able to better cause buy-in with their clients, management and other key personnel
o Delivering project deadlines on time
o Keeping promises to one another
o Keeping promises to oneself
o Letting others know when they cannot fulfill on what was promised
o More time for selling
o Answering more emails and more voicemails
o Having an empty email inbox daily (using a simple system to manage them)
o Knowing where emails files and folders are located
o Arrive at meetings on time and focused
o Not doing as much multi-tasking as before and being more focused with what is in front of them
o Being more focused and energized at work
o Putting out higher quality work and more complete work product
o Less stressed and overwhelmed.
o Increased level of trust developed between colleagues
o Improved open and honest communication and listening
o More efficient use of time management so nothing gets dropped out
o Having a system so things do not nag at you or worry you
o Realizing how much time it really takes to get things done
o Learning tools in Microsoft Outlook they had no idea existed
o Prioritizing in a new and effective way
o Recovering up to 4 hours average a day in lost time
o People saying “I know what I am working on fits the priorities of my boss and the organization.”
o Designing and attending more effective and efficient meetings
o Learning to say no responsibly so you are not left with undelivered deliverables
o Better work/life balance

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