July 8, 2020

Marketing message

Marketing message: So what is causing my experience of overwhelm, too much to do and stress around getting everything done???

It is not all the stuff on your plate to get done and you are not getting to. It’s not your full email inbox or your messy desk. It’s not even your partner yelling at you because you dropped out picking up the documents that needed filing today. It’s not your immensely favorite to do list friend that keeps getting bigger by the day.

It’s not any of that or anything else you can think of…that is the cause of your frustration, stress and ready to pull out the last strands of your hairline.

Well, what is it Barry…stop messing around and tell me…

…come to Mission Control and find out…by discovering and distinguishing that which we are totally blind too, the source of what drives us all crazy in the ever expanding world of information that we are expected to manage… we will then have Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind.

… you’ll be surprised…

Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment program, February 25, 26 in Denver…

OK…email me at barry@integritasconsult.com and I will tell you.

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