Integrity Matters!  The Ground on Which Workability and Extraordinary Productivity Stands

The Centerpiece of Workability is Integrity


Now is the time to discover the power of integrity in a new and practical way. A way of living integrity that when mastered, allows for workability and breakthroughs.

This is a radical new way for employees, staff, entrepreneurs, business owners to discover what integrity actually is. To realize that maybe  the challenges, frustration, difficulties, stress and overwhelm, and lack of productivity is a function of not seeing integrity in the way it really works. By mastering Integrity, you have a bridge to workability in all areas of life.

Imagine what would it look like to have you and your colleagues make things work rather than coming up with excuses, justifications, explanations and stories? Imagine what would it look like to produce results that right now do not seem possible? What would it look like to reliably reach  goals, objectives and measures you promised? To realistically embrace Integrity such that “Workability” is maximizable. Maybe, "without integrity nothing works".

Participating in this course, we establish a radical, new, realistic, implementable, Integrity that directly increases workability, trust and productivity. Out of your full participation, your people will discover how critical their relationship to their word matters. By implementing simple practices you will build workability, credibility and power so that others listen and relate to you as one's word.

Out of practicing what you learn in this program, the constraints, limits and barriers to being effective in any area of your life begin to disappear...leaving you free to be, free to act in surprising ways you never considered possible.

This will take work. This will take some rigor. But anyone with something at stake can transform their situations and who you are to something new.

We promise:

With your full participation, you will come away from this conversation with the capability to have Integrity to make meaningful differences in situations and relationships and in life.

When: TBD

Where: in Denver, Live

Time: TBD

Cost: USD 895.00

The Integrity material is drawn from the ‘Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model’ course, authored by Werner Erhard, Michael C. Jensen, and Steve Zaffron and © 2008 – 2022  W. Erhard, M. Jensen, Landmark Worldwide Enterprises Inc.


Benefits of this Course

You will learn what extraordinary leaders have learned:

  • The power of living that who you are is your word.
  • The power of making promises and requests.
  • That one has a choice to operate with Integrity. (almost all people do not see their lack of integrity and the cost that it is).
  • How to be a whole and complete person and the benefits thereof.
  • Integrity is key to workability and increased performance.
  • Restoring integrity when you are out of integrity.
  • Discover how Integrity dramatically increases performance without changing circumstances.
  • Increasing accountability and ownership.
  • Integrity is an essential ingredient to producing outstanding results.
  • Why we do not have integrity (Veils of Invisibility)
  • The importance of maintaining organizational Integrity
  • Out integrity behavior in organizations is the cause of failures and poor performance...invisible for most of us
  • And a lot lot more...

Who this course is designed for

This course is for small business, non-profits, government agencies, medium and large organizations, entrepreneurs and their employees.  


Must be a business owner, employee, entrepreneur, and that your business/organization pays for your participation

That you are open to discovering your own lack of integrity and be willing to be authentic about where you are not authentic

Participate in all aspects of the program fully.

What to expect of this Course

  • New communication skills: how we really listen and how to dramatically improve communication.
  • Being crystal clear about the difference between Integrity and Morality/Ethics/legality?
  • Veils of Invisibility (why are we so blind to the effects of the lack of integrity)?
  • The impact of a lack of integrity in one’s organization and personal life. What does the absence of Integrity cost you and your organization?
  • How to deal with integrity collisions.
  • Implementing these learnings into daily life.
  • How to restore integrity when you are out-of-integrity
  • The language of committed speaking and listening.
  • The joy of discovering your out integrity behavior and what to do about it.
  • Practices that produce a joyful experience of living a life you love.

"Barry Berman’s Integrity presentation is not your typical “be a good person” presentation. He pushes you to think critically about how your life is impacted by short cuts you may have taken at the risk of your integrity. If you are willing to take this deep dive this presentation is for you and no doubt you will come out better for it."

Aaron Birst, National Association of Counties, Legal Counsel, Assistant Director - Policy

"Distinct from other practices and workshops I have engaged in, Barry stays with you so that you don’t “lose” that with which you learned to the environments we are immersed in daily and that nagging voice in our heads. He has empowered my relationship with what it means to honor my word. His work In my life has transformed the average into the extraordinary.”

Robert D. Lantz, Esq. Member Attorney , Castle Lantz Maricle LLC